COVER SHOT 1280x635 - Banksy, One Week After "The Shredding" | PODCAST

Banksy, One Week After “The Shredding” | PODCAST

Episode 2 of our podcast is now live. This week I’m in conversation with Nuart founder and street art guru, Martyn Reed, discussing the only subject on anyone’s lips – BANKSY.

By now you’ve likely heard about Banksy’s latest stunt that saw him shred his own work whilst it was up for auction.

The story spun the whole art world out. Everyone is still trying to decipher what it means, whether or not it was all a hoax and if the auction house were in on it (they definitely were).

Find out the answer to just about none of these questions via the audio podcast here.

Watch the whole interview on youtube from Thursday when the video finally uploads!



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