The PROBLEM with ARGENTINA’S street art scene | FWTV

The Argentinian street art scene is renowned the world over, having given us the likes of Jaz, Hyuro and Elian Chali, there’s no shortage of talent bursting off the walls. However, despite the vast pool of skill on offer, painted commissions in the streets of Buenos Aires are largely painted by men. AMMurA is a group of artists ready to change this.

Having been gradually building their ideas and connections since March 2018 AMMurA is currently a collective of over 200 female Argentinian artists ready to challenge the gender imbalance in the street art community.

In this episode I’m in conversation with three of the artists leading the charge into a fairer world.

Thanks to Milu Correch, Carolina Favale and Mariela Ajras for taking time out to talk with me.


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