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“Nat Has Herpes” Unisex T-Shirts

Fifth Wall TV, the Lockheed Martin of the fashion industry, have now joined the ranks of evil capitalists. In what we hope to be the first of many collaborations, we’ve teamed up with the artist(s) behind the infamous “Nat Has Herpes” slogan to create this one off limited edition tee.

A one time run edition of 50, we want this tee to be as much of as a collectable as it is a sick addition to your wardrobe.

We promise, you’ll never wear a T-Shirt quite like this.


Use the discount code – FIFTHWALLTV to get 20% off today only.

NAT 1 300x169 - "Nat Has Herpes" Unisex T-Shirts

ORIGINAL PHOT 199x300 - "Nat Has Herpes" Unisex T-Shirts

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