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“Off The Wall” – Our New PODCAST

After a little bit of a hiatus, Fifth Wall is back and this time we’re mixing things up.

Due to the total hype and accessibility of podcasts we figured it was time to dip a toe in. Right now we’re kicking off with two new episodes to give you a feel for the vision of where we (I) would like to take things.

Don’t worry youtube fans, we’ll still be giving you videos to go along with the audio podcast, but they might just look a little different…a little longer and a little less scripted.

To get the ball rolling we’ve got TWO brand new episodes for you coming up:

OTW001 – Welcome to Off The Wall.

In this episode we take a look at what to expect in the coming months by taking a look at what has already been going on, on this channel. This clip show features some of my personal highlights from the vlog over the last two years.

  • Street Art and Advertising – the now semi-infamous advert/mural hybrid promoting a bank
  • Three Men in A Boat – Nuart Festival Director, Martyn Reed and Nik Ellis of Snik sit and discuss life and politics with me…in a boat in a Norwegian Fjord.
  • Street Art & Diversity – In conversation with events Director and curator Saziso Phiri, discussing representation in the urban art world.
  • Yemen’s First Street Artist – We go in conversation with Murad Subay – the street artist that works in the heart of a war zone.
  • Ben Eine.

OTW002 – The new face of London Art Fairs. Take a look inside Moniker Art Fair and in conversation with Chicago’s Don’t Fret and Hackney artist Edwin. This will be available 9amGMT 04/10



Photo – Tom Medwell for le Cool Magazine

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